Sue Me, I Dare You

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A new company has launched, with a business idea that’s just hankering for a lawsuit from the MPAA, or even Apple. TVMyPod is selling video iPods with preloaded content — when somebody orders an iPod, they can also buy DVDs, which the company then loads onto the iPod before sending both the device and the original DVDs to the customer. There are plenty of services that will rip your CDs or other music into a digital format, so it’s not surprising to see a similar service for video as well, since ripping DVDs can be time-consuming and difficult for the average user. Given the entertainment industry’s dislike of fair use, and Apple’s apparent objection to selling iPods that contain content, the clock’s ticking on the first lawsuit. It’s an old story, really — a new business idea comes up, showing once again that people have an appetite to buy entertainment content in a format they find more convenient than what the movie studios or record labels currently provide. Chances are the companies will react in the same, way, too — with lawyers, rather than any innovation of their own.

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Comments on “Sue Me, I Dare You”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: I don't see the problem..

Well, Dell gets a license from Microosft which lets them preload the software.

And, yes, while you would think that there shouldn’t be anything wrong with selling and loading the content onto an iPod, we’ve already seen that the industry doesn’t see things that way. To them, when you buy a DVD, you’re buying a DVD — not the right to transfer that content anywhere else.

Happy user says:

Re: Re: I don't see the problem..

DVDs are useless without a means to “play” them. To make them useful, the content needs to be transferred to a “player” — whether that be a Video player attached to a television, or a portable player with a built-in screen.

The issue is that they want to control which player is used to play the content with.

Clifford VanMeter (user link) says:

Re: I don't see the problem..

The problem is that its not rally about the law, its really about extorting money either from companies like these that want to use the content, or from the public. The MPAA and TV execs would like to be able to charge us separately for each use of the content we buy — that makes good business for them, but its bad for consumers.
Its also about lawyers, and having them in abundance and at your beck and call. Sony sued Conectix over the Playstation emulator that allowed the use of Playstation games on PCs. By the time the case was settled, Connectix had to pull the product or face bankruptcy. Sony didn’t win, but a competing product was still eliminated. Lawsuits are cheaper than innovating and competing fairly in the marketplace.
They don’t have to win — they just have to hold out the longest.

Haggie says:

No Subject Given

When I buy a DVD, aren’t I buying a “license” to play that DVD? And part of that “license” allows me to use it within the limitations of fair use which would include ripping the DVD and copying it to my video iPod. As long as the seller has bought a legitimate copy of the DVD and that is sold along with the iPod, how can Apple or the MPAA claim that they are being harmed? Apple was paid for the iPod and the studio got paid for the DVD.

fuzzmanmatt says:

Re: No Subject Given

Apple Computer cannot sell an iPod with content on it as part of their agreement with Apple Records. The iTMS just barely keeps the agreement in mind. iPods, from Apple Computer, with content on them would be a blatant disregard for the agreement. Any other company selling iPods and content is a different thing altogether, and doesn’t bother me at all.

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