Not Very Reformed eBay Scammer Falls Off The Wagon

from the too-much-temptation dept

eBay scammers are pretty common, so most stories about them aren’t worth mentioning. However, it appears that one eBay scammer who was caught earlier this year just couldn’t resist heading right back to eBay. Despite being caught and punished for his original eBay scams, it only took a few months before he was back online selling things that didn’t exist. His lawyer claims that he’s been making “obvious efforts” towards rehabilitation — but I don’t recall where rehabilitation includes still doing the occasional scam. Anyway, it seems like it wouldn’t have been too difficult to predict this one, as when he was caught the first time, he said that it was his business “to make fools out of people.” Apparently, this time, he thought he was making fools out of the justice system.

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Comments on “Not Very Reformed eBay Scammer Falls Off The Wagon”

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Matthew says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Dude, I don’t know where you get your information from…but I know first-hand that White Collar Crimes are more harsh than most violent offences! People go away for more time because of Tax Evasion than for Armed Robbery with a LOADED FIREARM!

White Collar Crime penalties are too harsh already…or more so light compared to that of a violent crime…

If you want to punish a person for doing white collar crimes, give them years of demeaning community service in the public eye…not a cozy jail cell with CATV and internet…

Alex says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

uhh and i dont know where U get UR information from, but having spent time in federal prison, white collar crimes do NOT get harsher sentences… ive seen people scam a LOT of money, and they’re in for one to three years on average, meanwhile a regular drug dealer, getting caught with a kilo of coke or crack, is doing 4-5 years on average… a kilo of coke or crack doesnt have the same profit revenue potential as white collar crimes… tax evasion at its highest level may get quite a few years, as does every crime at its highest level… maybe certain specific cases of violent crimes have received less time than white collar crimes, but thats due to a number of factors (if they cooperated with the government, minor role participant, plea bargains…)

oh and as for a cozy jail cell w/ CATV and internet… if u think its so cozy, im sure they have available cells for u… its an understatement to say that jail blows

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