Email Is Not Dead Yet (Nor Any Time Soon)

from the in-case-you-were-wondering dept

zanek writes “Every time a technology gets “hot,” magazines start pumping out articles declaring some previous technology “dead.” Today, BusinessWeek opines that “E-Mail Is So Five Minutes Ago” because, apparently, they just learned the term “wiki.” Email Battles points out the silliness of assuming that a new technology makes all older tech obsolete. “ This is all too common. The press loves to talk up how one technology will kill another, often without any basis in fact. In the past, we’ve seen stories saying that the web, blogs, RSS and instant messaging will all kill email — and yet, email keeps going strong. The chart at Email Battles does a nice job making the point quite simple: these applications have different purposes. One won’t “kill” the other. In fact, as we’ve seen with stories about new technology “killing” paper, sometimes it seems the reverse happens. Wikis are great for collaboration (we use them all the time here), but sometimes they actually lead to more emails.

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Comments on “Email Is Not Dead Yet (Nor Any Time Soon)”

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Howard (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: Snailmail

First class letter volume is down significantly, and the postal service credits the large volume drop to the use of email. That probably doesn’t hurt the postal service much though, since junk mail subsidizes first class anyway. However, postal rates are still going up (and the postal service is already dragging its feet like they always do for a few months before a postage increase).

Diogenes (profile) says:

Are any of the "killed" technologies actually dead

Yesterday I wasted 2 hours trying to fax, FAX! a document necessary to get my small business a check from a major corporation.

I haven’t had a long distance account on any land-line for 3 years now. Online communication is practically free, and the pre-paid phone cards you can get form Sam’s or Costco are rechargable and drastically cheaper, not to mention that I’m on my mobile phone 99% of the time anyway – what long distance?

I don’t have a modem in my computer, which is over 2 years old, because I’ve been on DSL for at least that long.

I have an e-fax account, but just the free version because for some reason it seems that about once every 9 or 10 months someone wants to fax me something. I never, NEVER have the need or desire to actually send enough faxes to justify the $12/month fee for that part of the E-Fax service.

Yet here it is, 2005, and a major corporation’s accounts payable department told me that they couldn’t accept a scanned and e-mailed version of a signed document, it had to be faxed. (Or delivered, but who wants to wait when you want paid before the holidays.)

So I’ve gotta take with a HUGE grain of salt anyone telling me that anything is going to kill a particular technology. Only time will do that.

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