Carly Gets Last Laugh At HP?

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HP’s latest earnings came out yesterday, and they came within a shade of hitting the margins promised during the battle over the company’s buyout of Compaq — only two years later than promised. So did Carly Fiorina get the last laugh in the legacy of the highly contentious deal after her departure from HP earlier this year? Fiorina struggled with the high expectations people had of her, and the messy fight over the merger and ruffled a lot of feathers by dismantling the “HP Way”, and her departure was interpreted by some as a tacit admission the merger didn’t really work out. The recent figures might dispute this — or they could simply be the results of the efforts of her successor, Mark Hurd. Fiorina looks to be moving on: she’s rumored to be running for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor of California.

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Comments on “Carly Gets Last Laugh At HP?”

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Anons Anonymous says:

HA! Where's the short end of the stick?

Who get’s the worst end of this deal, if Carly becomes a GOP candidate?
Carly was none too popular with many HP / Compaq employees. (That was the inside scoop I got from one.) And the GOP sure ain’t lookin too popular these days. Particularly in California.
So would Carly hurt the reputation of the GOP more or less than degree that the GOP would hurt hers?
Pretty much a toss-up, I guess.
Or just maybe it’s a match made in heaven! (Hmmm… or maybe better said: In hell. Because with the way these goodie-2-shoes GOP “Christian” Party-of-God BS-artists are now being revealed as lying bastards worse than the terrible Clintons they so despise, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between heaven-sent “policies” or those straight from hell).

Seun Osewa (user link) says:

Carly is Just A Politician. Eww.

WHen she was ousted, I was at first upset, because I wanted to see her succeed (as a woman). Then I realised that she’s not much more than a politician – not tha this is bad, but that politics is not usually a very efficient game! Reading about her political ambitions and golden parachute, I am now much less sympathetic!

gid (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I am an HP employee. HP when under Carly’s rule hired me. Now, with Mark Hurd in place many people have been afraid of loosing their jobs. This company has really strived to streamline the work place. Now employees nolonger have one job function. We have two or three. HP has made a tremendous improvement in the last quarter when it comes down to reducing costs.

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