AOL Has Decided I Don't Have Enough Robotic Friends

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AOL recognizes that a lot of people only touch the company’s services through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and has worked hard to try to squeeze money out of that usage in the way of increasingly intrusive ads. It looks like someone at AOL has figured that if they’re already bombarding you with ads around the IM window, why not put them directly in your buddy list? Like plenty of others, when I logged into AIM this morning, I was told that the company decided I was too lonely and added two AIM bots that I certainly didn’t request and really didn’t want in my buddy list. They put them up top, too, in case I missed them. To be just that much more insulting, they added a little “don’t worry, you can just delete them if you don’t want them.” Seems a bit like buddy list spam, actually. “You can just hit delete if you don’t want this spam.” Instant messaging bots are nothing new, of course. They’ve been around for years — and for years I’ve never really seen the point. Why would I suddenly want them in my buddy list if I’ve never requested them myself?

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Comments on “AOL Has Decided I Don't Have Enough Robotic Friends”

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giafly says:

Premium-rate SMS services use bots

…is this what AOL is working towards?

“Regular users of pornographic SMS chat may be shocked to find out that they are swapping dirty talk with machines rather than young women and men.

But it’s a fair bet that they are because the Natachata chatbot, written by former rocket scientist Simon Luttrell, is so widely used by porn chat merchants. At its busiest Natachata handles 15 messages per second. A typical “session” lasts about seven or eight messages and each SMS costs more than ?1.” More (BBC)

GOD says:

No Subject Given

so i have been logged into aim for about 3 days straight…this goes back to the idea of setting the world’s longest up time for a PC. anyways. i had to reset, and when i did, AIM decided it was gonna put some crap on my computer. well when that happened, it all of a sudden gets really really slow. i couldn’t pull up my task manager, so i had to use free ram XP pro to see what the new task was. all kinds of spyware was just loaded on my computer. when just 20 min. earlier i ran a scan and there was no instance of any. so i am gonna blame aol and time warner for this. they are gonna get it. u just wait and see. cable internet is gonna take over, and their dial up is kaput. and people are gonna get smart and figure out how much AOL does suck and use firefox.

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