Group Finds Prior Art On JPEG Patent; Hopefully Not Compressed As A JPEG

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A few years ago, a small company, Forgent, that owned a patent they never did anything with, suddenly decided that the patent covered the technology used in jpg compression, used across the internet for images. Instead of recognizing that the actual innovation came about having absolutely nothing to do with that patent, the company did what so many patent trolls do: they decided to sue everyone and complain about how much they were owed for doing nothing that had anything to do with the success of a technology. Companies have been fighting Forgent, but now a group claims they’ve come up with some prior art that could invalidate the patent. Of course, the process is quite involved and difficult, so it’s a bit early to say if this will have any impact. The best guess is that it won’t and the patent office will turn them down on a review. Either way, though, it doesn’t get to the core issue, of why this company that did absolutely nothing to make .jpg a useful compression format (and, didn’t even realize they had such a patent for a long time) deserves any money for doing absolutely nothing other than making it difficult for others to actually use the technology.

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Comments on “Group Finds Prior Art On JPEG Patent; Hopefully Not Compressed As A JPEG”

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dude says:

Get a real job !

What can be said about PubPat’s Executive Director Dan Ravicher ? Get a real job, man, and stop
bitching about US patent system !
He appeared to find *another* Forgent patent as an *invalidating prior art* ! How interesting!
It takes about 3 minutes spent on to find all Forgent patents.
Why did it take them so long ? The patent in question will expire next year.
Is this just a silly joke or this guy is a glory hog ?

dude says:

Re: Re: Get a real job !

Yeah, I am just a troll, if it makes you happy…
For starters, I can suggest to go to , “quick search” and
type “Compression Labs, Inc.” in the assignee field.
All 12 Forgent patents come up immediately.
Patents 4,698,672 (in question) and 4,541,012 (submited as “prior art”) are listed next to each
To me this whole re-examination thing looks ridiculous.
After 100 million $ or so Forgent managed to obtain
from Sony and other large companies over the
course of several years ?
And nobody at those companies even looked at other
Forgent patents ?

Michael "TheZorch" Haney (profile) says:

New Solution Needed

We may need a new solution for image file formats.

A good one should be built using Open Source Code. Files sizes would have to be small for photo-quality images, and the file format should be able to support animation like .gif files do now. An all in one file format to please everyone and its free for anyone to impliment.

I’m no programmer, I’m trying to give the code-master here something to think about.

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