Sony's Copy Protection Uninstaller Opens Up A NEW Security Hole

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Could this story get any more ridiculous? On top of all the other problems caused by Sony BMG’s rootkit trick, Ed Felten and Alex Halderman have looked carefully at the uninstall utility the company offers for those who want to remove the copy protection software from their machine and discovered that it can open up a “serious” security hole on your computer. They recommend that you do not use the uninstaller until further notice. They’re going to publish more details later, but given the history of this fiasco so far with Sony BMG pretty much screwing things up worse at every opportunity, this isn’t particularly surprising, is it?

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Comments on “Sony's Copy Protection Uninstaller Opens Up A NEW Security Hole”

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Stoned4Life (user link) says:

Copy Protection

Copy protection is so overrated. Come on? So Sony is going to launch this massive copyright protection initiative. Well, guess what? We’ll just buy our music from someone else… or, do what we’ve already been doing and continue to download it online!!!

Holy crap? Who has been buying these CD’s? Not the people who download music! No, the Software is only hurting the already good-samaritan market while the people who have been illegally downloading music are ACTUALLY better off right now.

Mike says:

Re: Copy Protection

P2P and Torrents all they way. You get it when you want it and at your own price. If all else fails, its not worth it, as you can see with the situation unfolding. My fired is one of these, “I love my bands so much I HAVE to own the ORIGINAL CD’s, then rip them to an MP3 Cd or to a flah drive player.” Well look at him now, the “true” fans are getting it good now aren’t they, good job Sony BMG!


macbeach (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: Copy Protection

” ‘Friend’ instead of ‘fired’ “

I totally missread this, leading to insite. I thought you were suggesting what should be done to the Sony exec who came up with this boneheaded idea. Only I thought you said:

“Fried instead of fired.”

Yeah, I think that would make perfect sense. (I bet his bosses at Sony will soon think so too.)

jdw242 says:


isn’t there a thing called a live cd?
don’t the live cds let one play and or rip a music cd?

If not, why not?

If so, what’s the deal? Many people have external USB drives; the live cds surely support such devices as storage… right?

Throw me a bone here; I’m the ‘buy to own’ type of music buyer, and I’ll keep copies of my discs on my laptop, thank you very much.

thecaptain says:

To Sony

This is the way I see it, and I hope some Sony PR droids are surfing the net “gauging” public response and option:

I haven’t downloaded songs in years, although I remember Napster vividly in its heighday. I did download tho, I don’t feel guilty because I still bought CDs. Lately, I’ve just bought CDs.

Well guess what Sony, screw buying CDs now, I’m going back to downloading…I’m not taking the chance that you’ll screw my machine over again.

You wanted to control piracy? Well guess what, you controlled me right back into P2P and I’ll enjoy doing it, the freedome of it, the lack of worries that you’ll screw up my system and the total JOY that morons like yourselves WON’T get my money!

nonya bidness says:

MP3's Suck

All this lame crap to play compressed shitty versions of music, on a crappy little computer sound system. CD audio on PC sound systems suck, period.
Mp3’s on PC sound system suck more…
My CD player cost more than my PC and nothing can be installed into it, and I can record from that if I need to. If I can not play a cd in my player, I don’t want it. Low end music appreciation is causing more low end troubles for low end music systems.

nonya bidness says:

Re: Re: MP3's Suck

Hey Riv
I like the music I like, mainstream or not. It’s none of your bidness if I touch myself, keep me out of your fantasies. I am not a music snob, I just have higher standards than YOU, and don’t mind paying for quality. Besides, it’s more like 60% mp3 vs 40% high quality, dont make it seem like you are such a majority with your LOW standards. Get off your high horse,you don’t know me, you MP3 lovin,low quality,not paying for music,tone deaf snob.


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