Homeland Security Reminds Hollywood They Don't Own Your Computer

from the because-it-seemed-like-they-had-forgotten dept

Well, well, well. With the federal government looking like they were totally in bed with the entertainment industry over intellectual property, it seems like not everyone got the message. Dave Farber’s Interesting People list points to an apparent quote from the Department of Homeland Security’s assistant secretary for policy taking the entertainment industry to task for moves like rootkitting computers by saying: “It’s very important to remember that it’s your intellectual property — it’s not your computer.” Someone should tell Orrin Hatch.

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Comments on “Homeland Security Reminds Hollywood They Don't Own Your Computer”

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tommy says:


It’s a few things i dont understand.I buy plenty movies and music.And i share my items with friends all the time.I paid for it and it’s mine.I don’t break in and steal it.I step to checkout and lay down hard earned money.If people not selling they music they shouldn’t care.Maybe if we stop buying then what?They claim they losing money now.

LoneWolf (user link) says:

not yet it isnt

It isn’t their computer as of yet. The MPAA and RIAA have enough laywers to toil and slam their heads against a wall until they find loopholes and sneaky tactics to push further into being able gain more control over our multimedia experience and to make sure every aspect is regulated to their specifications and the products used as they like.

tommy says:

Re: homeland security

The homeland security should worry more about security,than telling regular people with computers what to do.I read somewhere our gov had to scape a new systen because wasnt right.That had to cost.They should be more concerned with securing the internet.Since there is so little paper work done by human hands these days and all connected to the net.And if they keep going after isp’s to put certain things in to easedrop then isp’s cost will go through the roof.Because the isp is not going to pay for it.We the customers will.

VonSkippy says:

Re: Re: tommy

Tommy: Run, don’t walk to what ever public education institution made their feeble attempt at educating you and DEMAND a a refund. The tax payers money was sorely wasted and someone should be held accountable. I can barely make out what you’re trying to say in your posts due to your complete lack of grammar and spelling skills. I can only hope (for the benefit of us tax payers) that your native tongue is some weird ass language, and that your attempts at English is not one big suck, but a valiant effort to write in a foreign language.

Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Re: homeland security

This made me laugh. It’s from the Sony XCP website.

“Normally, you should have Administrator rights,
unless you are working in a corporate environment
in which case, you’ll need to contact your IT
department to have them install the software for

Sure, mister IT man, would you please install
this rootkit on my machine for me?

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