UK Information Commissar Reminds Spammers To Target Businesses

from the in-case-you-forgot dept

It’s been over two years since the UK put in place an anti-spam law that was worse than useless. At the time, we noted the biggest problem, by far, was that it exempted all work email addresses. Earlier this year, we pointed out that the law was so useless that in a year and a half not a single spammer had been punished under the law. Now, to make matters worse, the UK Information Commissar has come out to remind people that it doesn’t cover business email addresses, thereby encouraging people to spam those addresses (even if the Information Commissar though this was just clarifying the issue). So, to recap: spamming businesses is legal and hitting them with an email bomb is also legal. Probably not a good time to be the IT administrator for a UK based business right now.

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