Amazon To Sell Books By The Page, Explaining Why Publishers Hate Google

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theodp writes “Further shaking up the book world, Amazon will sell digital access to books by the page through its Amazon Pages program, which will allow people to “inexpensively” buy chapters from a book and read them online. Complete online access to the book will be available via another service called Amazon Upgrade. Amazon didn’t specify prices in its press release.” Suddenly the reason why publishers and authors are so pissed off at Google becomes a little bit clearer. They think that they’re going to be able to slice and dice their books, selling little pieces of the book as people want them. They’re taking a page from the entertainment industry — and, like that industry, they’re going to discover this plan won’t work very well. They’ve just added friction in the form of additional transaction costs, both mental and monetary to finding information.

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Comments on “Amazon To Sell Books By The Page, Explaining Why Publishers Hate Google”

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cnote says:

I'd pay

If Amazon has the searching functions right, I’d probably pay for it. Many technical books have chapters that are appropriate to what I do, and chapters that are completely inappropriate to what I do. I’d be nice if there were a compromise between what Google had offered and what Amazon is offering. I think that the authors deserve money for their books, but we have the right to figure out if that book, or sections of that book are right for us.
Traditional bookstores offer us the option of thumbing through books. There isn’t a great equivalent online.
Some technical books cost 80-120 dollars. What if I want to look at a single topic in one of these books? The author should deserve the work that he put into this. He should get the money from me that I’m willing to pay for the chapter.

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