Dance, Fat Kid, Dance

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Using video games to get kids to exercise isn’t anything new, nor is using the game Dance Dance Revolution in particular. But a company’s developed some new, industrial-strength DDR hardware specifically designed for use in workouts, and they’re hoping schools and health clubs will buy into the heavy-duty equipment, particularly since it’s backed by a four-year warranty. This seems like a pretty positive use for video games, so it will be interesting to see what game critics come up with to knock it. We can see it now: kids use video games like jailhouse inmates use weights, spending their time bulking up for their next game-induced killing spree.

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Comments on “Dance, Fat Kid, Dance”

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Bob says:

Gimme a break

Come off it, so what if people can butn calories on DDR, its old news. The game simply has that feature but its more fun just to play the simple but good game. Also, getting into the game induced killing sprees, thats bull, the kids who get the ideas for going on these sprees have enough problems before even touching games. If a gamer isnt a mentally insane ex convict, there probably fine killing all the prostitutes in GTA they want.

dorpus says:

Structural Zero

What kind of people go to aerobics classes in the first place, vs. what kind of people play GTA in their bedroom? If the messed up kids were forced to attend aerobics classes, I bet they would become violent. And if the aerobics types were forced to play violent games in their bedroom all night long, I bet they would become violent too.

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