VCs Talking Bubbles: Trying To Hold Down Valuations?

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Whether or not you believe we’re heading into a new “bubble” era for internet companies, it’s been fun watching everyone talk about it — as if talking about it somehow solves the issue. Some have pointed out that a big difference is that VCs are calling it a bubble, this time, rather than helping to pump the bubble full of hot air. However, just because some VCs are claiming that it is, indeed, a bubble — doesn’t mean there really isn’t some bubble-like activity going on. Reading an article of VCs talking about how some areas are starting to overheat sounds an awful lot like VCs trying to keep valuations down so they can still invest cheaply, rather than any real attempt to invest smarter. If anything, it seems like the investments will speak for themselves. Back during the last bubble there were VCs who claimed that the investment strategies other VCs were involved in was crazy — but when one after another cashed out on huge dot com IPOs, it became more and more difficult to resist. We haven’t hit that point yet, but don’t think that some aren’t trying to get us back to that point.

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