The Spam Weather Report Doesn't Look Too Good

from the time-to-evacuate-your-inbox dept

It looks like the spam forecast isn’t looking too good for the next month. It’s not just the seasonality of spam attacks, that are expected to pick up now that we’ve reached the holiday season, but also new and varied attacks that have allowed spammers to take control over more zombiefied machines. Apparently, instant messaging trojan attacks have been on the rise recently. What’s not clear from the article, though, is if the coming “spamalanche” (yes, that’s what they call it) will be IM spam or email spam that’s sent through zombies that were put in place via instant messaging systems. It’s not clear the author of the article even knows, as the article includes a total non-sequitur relating to the sudden rise of spam blogs — which have nothing to do with spam emails or zombie machines. It seems like the article is just lumping all different kinds of “spam” together, and that leaves the actual picture rather hazy.

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Comments on “The Spam Weather Report Doesn't Look Too Good”

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JC says:

scott richter's deal with Microsoft

After working directly with spam-king Scott Richter and his inner circles, word on the street is his $7MM settlement with Microsoft came with an agreement to allow his companies access to nearly exclusive ‘marketing’ through Hotmail. Not incidentally, my unwanted mail in Hotmail increased dramatically recently, and MS will no longer earn ad revenue from this user…

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