FCC Challenged On Internet Wiretap Laws

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Most people probably saw this one coming a mile away. Starting with new FCC chair Kevin Martin’s restatement of how they viewed the internet, where everything involved deferring to law enforcement, to the general sense that the FCC has fallen in love with the quacks like a duck test, rather than taking the time to actually understand technology — it really was only a matter of time before the lawsuits started flying. A number of privacy and technology groups have teamed up to take on the FCC’s ruling concerning making the internet comply with wiretap laws — noting that actually following those laws would clearly slow down innovation. Of course, the FCC doesn’t seem to care. From what they’ve said lately, it’s become clear that innovation is secondary to law enforcement control. That, of course, is a recipe for innovation going elsewhere, but perhaps it’s a sign of the times that we live in.

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Comments on “FCC Challenged On Internet Wiretap Laws”

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Zealot says:

Oh gn0es...

Yay for bureacracy. The only useful thing the FCC does is divide up the airwaves in an orderly fashion (two stations don’t try to claim channel 2 in the same area, etc.) and they should’ve stopped at that.

Maybe all the law-enforcement worry would be moot if they just downloaded the internet and enforced the laws offline…

>. ASCII frown

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