Blackberry News: As If NTP Wasn't Enough

As if the ongoing and menacing lawsuits from NTP weren’t enough, RIM now faces the negative story that some Blackberry users are suffering from repetitive strain injuries in their thumbs. While it’s hard to doubt that this affliction does occur to some very avid Blackberry (or Treo, Danger Hiptop, or iPAQ…) users, it probably is related to abnormal over-use. The Blackberry keyboard was never intended to be used to write an essay, but short answers to help keep business moving in real-time. My advice to mini-keyboard users is to do what I do: change the default signature on your mobile device to read: “Sorry for being brief, I’m writing this on my mobile phone. Best, Derek.” or something to that effect. Thus excused, you can make responses as short as clarity permits. And people, listen to your bodies: if your thumbs hurt, take a break or use your toes.

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