Did China Just Kill Off The Ability For VCs To Invest In Startups There?

from the regulatory-death dept

Over the last year or so, it’s suddenly become quite popular for many Silicon Valley VC firms to turn their eyes to Asia for investments, with China being a big, big target. Friends who either live in China or spend significant time in the country, say that the general feeling there is similar to Silicon Valley right before the internet boom (bubble…), so it’s no surprise that venture capitalists are smelling the money. However, it appears that some in the Chinese government may have made investing there a lot more difficult with new regulations that have the money men running scared. Of course, the guys with the money don’t give up easily, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see some start trying to figure out loopholes and alternative ways to deal with this issue. Still, if the Chinese government is really cracking down on the easy flow of capital to Chinese startups, then that money will go elsewhere, and those startups will have a lot more trouble becoming anything significant.

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Comments on “Did China Just Kill Off The Ability For VCs To Invest In Startups There?”

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Pete Austin says:

Re: Re: Cool! TechDirt lets you do Mouse-over Titles.

SAFE‘s overall impact on VCs
may not be comprable to
WOFEs partership utilising the AAC, of course making sure the MOFCOM are happy with the BCD‘s M&A.

Here’s how you would enter a title…

<A HREF="#" title="State Administration for Foreign Exchange">SAFE</A>

For comparison, here’s how you would create a normal clickable link to e.g. google…

<A HREF="http://www.google.com">click me</A>

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