"Rent Stuff" Business Model Growing In Popularity

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As more and more people become early adopters, the pressure to stay on the leading edge is pretty intense — so intense, apparently, that a number of companies are turning to a rental-style business model to take advantage. Some of the companies are basically “Netflix for other stuff” — one the WSJ cites rents out expensive purses, one at a time, for $50 a month — while others are using trade-in programs that basically make it easier for customers to “flip” their goods. Whatever they’re renting, the services work off of the same principle: owning something isn’t as important as having access to it when you need it. While it works for DVDs, it’s unclear if the rental/subscription plan works for anything and everything. Add to this the growing number of subscriptions people find themselves paying these days, and it’s unclear if the rental business model will get sent back and exchanged for something else soon too.

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Comments on “"Rent Stuff" Business Model Growing In Popularity”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Corporations will just get laws passed

Did you ever wonder why can you rent movies and not rent CDs? Answer: The recording industry spends more money on lobbying than you do:

Expect any industry that faces a loss in revenue by a more efficient business model, such as rentals facilitated by the Internet and improved parcel carriers, to fight tooth and nail to make said behavior illegal.

The only hope consumers have is that the rental services become so popular (e.g. Netflix) that industry attempts to shut down those distribution systems will be visible to a large enough share of voters to affect legislature thinking.

It’s basically a race now between people inventing new, more efficient business models, and the affected corporations. Consistency and logic be damned.

Bob3000 says:

Re: Watch out for that tree!

No, you are correct. American materialism and consumerism is spiralling out of control. People seem to accept huge debt and no owned assets as long as they have the McMansion, large SUV, and big screen TV. Of coruse they have to work their asses off so parenting their children takes a back seat.

Mark my words – there is a whole generation of fucked up brats about to emerge and they will be leaders of corporations and teachers and your workmate someday. Beware.

RentYourStuff (user link) says:

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– Rent DVDs from your peers for less than the video store offers.
– Rent artwork. Rent furniture.
– And so much more..

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