India Latest To Object To Google Earth

from the late-to-the-party dept

Two months after a few other countries raised objections to Google Earth, India has jumped on the bandwagon. The time may be different, but the objections are the same — terrorists or enemies could use the images to plan attacks. The response is pretty much the same, too: the risks are being blown out of proportion. Last month, a senior officer in the Indian military even downplayed the risks of the images, saying that since they weren’t real-time, they weren’t of much value.

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Comments on “India Latest To Object To Google Earth”

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Cowardly Anonomyous! says:


So instead of going to the local 76′ and buying a roadmap, buying a disposable camera and some tourist clothes and taking pictures of your targets you have google earth that supposedly gives you the wrong directions.
Anyone want some chips while I’m buying my map?
Why would you want to download google earth to look at the streets of india I just don’t get it, can someone explain this to me?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: GPS

While I understand some of what you are saying. There are a few differences. Google Earth is more than just a map, the satellite images shows, though not in great detail, the lay-out of buildings and compounds that could ‘technically’ be used to organize an attack.

These complaints do hold some water, but most people agree that its just not a huge risk as the images aren’t great quality, real time, and in some cases are pretty old.

Homicidal says:

Re: Re: Re:2 GPS

I totally agree, On the issue, that under whose control such so called Gurus of Web Engines, Portals have to intrude into my Place???
Get yourself cleaner Google cause you exist because of us! Moreover with so many hidden Enemies, Who for certain can say you are not spying for any Militant outfit….Huh!

Happy user says:

Re: Re: Re:3 GPS

with so many hidden Enemies, Who for certain can say you are not spying for any Militant outfit….Huh!

Yeah, and The nazi reformed several years later to become SMURF….

S.M.U.R.F. …”Secret Military Underground Resistance Force”

During the cold winter of 1946 former leaders of the third reich met in Argentina to discuss plans for regaining their former glory. They know that any plan to succeed other nations would have to lose their will to fight. They decided to create a cartoon character to embody the ideas of niceness and peacefulness and called it a SMURF.

SMURF stood for Secret Military Underground Resistance Force. They planned to infect the children of enemy nations with their peaceful ideas. And so it began. Now in the present their plan is almost complete, and they are starting their propaganda campaign in the bastion of freedom, the United States of America.

You, Smurfbutcher Bob, were captured while trying to destroy the Smurf’s precartoon ancestors. You have been taken to their Ontario headquarters, Castle Smurfenstein, for interrogation. You must escape, kill as many of the blue bastards as possible, and steal the plans to operation Smurfkreig. If you fail hordes of smurfs will sweep across the world spewing peace slogans and pumping people full of bullets.

When you were being brought to the castle you were able to talk one of your Candafian guards into giving you his gun (not too hard, eh). You also saw some Smurfy Security guards with bulletproof vests and smurgberry bombs which could be used as grenades to blow the smurfs into infinity.

…and with that said, google must be “Gargamel” eh?

crystalattice (user link) says:

What's the big deal?

How is using Google images any different than renting an airplane and taking your own pictures? Unless the airspace is a no-fly zone, then you just use a telephoto lens.

It’s kinda like Area 51 in Nevada. The area is off-limits yet there’s so many pictures from telephoto cameras, plus the satellite images release by Russia several years ago.

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