Blog Spam Goes Crazy

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There’s been a lot of talk in the blogworld among people who watch blogs or use blog search about how much “blog spam” has been growing in the past few months. It’s not entirely clear what the blog spammers get out of it, but they build a bunch of blogs, copying content from other blogs and generally clog up search engines. However, this weekend, something tipped — and lots of people are noticing that the blog spam problem went from a nuisance to completely out of control. Apparently, some spammers wrote a script to create thousands upon thousands of spam blogs and basically render Google’s Blogspot blog hosting platform useless. Yet another example of how any kind of automated system is eventually overcome by those looking to abuse the system leading to an ongoing horse-race between spammers and programmers.

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Comments on “Blog Spam Goes Crazy”

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Omnibus Driver (user link) says:


Perhaps you are not aware that Blogspot added a word verification component that, at least for me, has completely wiped out comment spam? (Go here: Any Blogspot blogger who’s not using it because it’s too cumbersome is insane. I’d like to note further that while Hosting Matters and other blog hosting services have experienced multiple problems, Blogspot has been relatively trouble-free since Google bought them out. A free service that provides free tools to prevent blog spam? Hmmmm… maybe they ought to just make that little piece of the offering mandatory instead of self-selected.

fantababy (user link) says:

Re: Re: Blogspam/Google/Blogspot

yes, the blog spam is still there. one of my posts have been copied word by word and pasted in their own blogs just for the sake of getting some clicks. these people usually remove the blogger nav bar which helps in flagging (marking their blog as objectionable content). dont know how to tackle these fellows.

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