That Photo Is Way Too Hot For You

from the temperature-blocking dept

Apparently, most of the major digital camera makers are all issuing warnings that their cameras have faulty CCDs leading to either blurred pictures or a failure to store the image completely. They claim it only impacts a small number of cameras, but that heat and humidity can make it worse. Unlike some other companies in the tech/consumer electronics industry, it looks like the camera makers are proactively responding to this by getting the information out and promising free repairs for those impacted by it. Is it a sign of the times when we’re surprised that gadget makers are willing to quickly own up and fix problems?

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Comments on “That Photo Is Way Too Hot For You”

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Platypi says:

Interesting change of direction....

This has been a problem with Sony camcorders for over a year. Sony has charged over $200 for repair and refused to acknowledge that the problem was with the equipment, even though certain models had a near guaranteed failure rate.
I am happy to see companies taking responsibility for their badly designed/manufactured products. I may consider buying Sony again (I had sworn off of the brand altogether after the disappointment with my camcorder!)

Nick says:

If they want to keep customers

To keep market share they need to keep customers. In this day and age, most users of electronics gadgets are the echo generation. Studies have show that most of the echo generation pays little attention to advertisements, and a lot of attention to what their peers are saying about a product. Put 2 and 2 together and these companies realize they need to own up or they loose out.

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