Do Not, Repeat, Do Not Hit The Reply All Button

from the deluge dept

While not everyone likes it, there is something appealing about Gmail’s “conversations” set up, where all emails within a thread are grouped under a single line item in your in box. It certainly helps deal with those times that you get included in a group email and people all start hitting “reply all.” Without it, an email box can quickly turn into a big mess — especially when others pissed off by this decide to hit “reply all” and tell everyone else to stop hitting “reply all.” It turns out, in fact, that a new survey found that people who hit the reply all button when they shouldn’t is the biggest email pet peeve.

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Comments on “Do Not, Repeat, Do Not Hit The Reply All Button”

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Bob3000 says:

No Subject Given

Not a big fan of the threaded conversations or the Gmail layout – that makes me an incredible minority. My pet peeve is less the reply all but the (a) chain letter emails and (b) obvious hoaxes sent to all recipients in the person’s address book. In this case I DO use Reply to All, add a link to snopes that debunks the hoax, and shame the original sender.

Beth says:

Re: Re: Reply all

I use bcc all the time, and am only a nominal techie, if that’s even possible. Reply all from e-mail groups such as yahoo! presents a possibility for a big “oops”. You mean to reply to the original sender with perhaps a personal comment, and send your private thoughts back to the whole group. Could be benign or very damaging. Makes me check twice before clicking “send.”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

The worst case of using reply to all i think i ever saw was in an office i worked in a while back…An e-mail message was aacidentally sent to the WHOLE office rather then just a set department advertising a conference or something. Yes this was a little annoying to start with as it was simply ANOTHER spam e-mail to most users but could easily have been deleted and ignored as an obvious mistake. Instead the vast majority of employees used reply to all to request that they were taken off of the relevant departments mailing list as they were not part of the department at all. What followed was half a day of EVERYONE receiveing messages along the line of “please remove me from your address list i do not belong to this dept” with the more “knowledgeable” users getting annoyed and realising what had happened they then proceeded to spread e-mails instructing people to “stop using reply to all – you are annoying everyone in the office – use REPLY!” By the end of the day the e-mail network had been effectively ground to standstill with the huge excess in traffic. And all because of a brilliant mix of poor training and stupid people

eeyore says:

job insecurity

A few months back our front desk security person sent an email to everyone at the facility to let us know it had started raining. Since our building has very few windows most people are not in a position to see for themselves, and many people leave their car windows down on hot days. Also it’s nice to know if you need to grab an umbrella. However one person who was on travel overseas saw the email and sent a nasty response to the girl saying “it’s raining here too but you don’t see me making a big deal about it” and then proceeding to get quite snotty and personal about it. Problem was she hit the “reply all” button and sent it to about 1500 people, including her boss, her boss’ boss, the big boss, and the government boss of all of us, who proceded to chew her boss out for her “misusing the email system.” Her boss in turn was so pissed off that when the woman returned from travel she was told she was no longer employed here. A “reply all” oops is usually OK as long as you don’t embarrass your boss in the process.

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