Not All Advertisers Rushing To The Internet

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As the latest internet bubble is being inflated mostly on the strength of internet advertising, it’s worth remembering that internet advertising can be quite cyclical. While it’s definitely been growing, a new report notes that advertisers aren’t jumping on the internet as fast as some have expected. There is a shift, and there’s plenty of room to grow, but plenty of advertisers are still cautious, and prefer advertising in newspapers. Of course, with reports saying that there are fewer newspaper readers and their average age is up in the 50s, it may cause some more advertisers to explore other options. Not, of course, that there’s anything wrong with advertising to people in the over-50 crowd — but the advertising industry refuses to believe that they’re a hot demographic (despite the huge number of baby boomers who fit that description). Meanwhile, with the more popular “young male” demographic abandoning movie theaters as well, it certainly looks like advertisers will be pushed from both sides to explore the internet a bit more thoroughly.

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Comments on “Not All Advertisers Rushing To The Internet”

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Aaron says:

More Advertisers?

While there is nothing wrong with companies advertising on the internet, I hope that they do so responsibly. The web is already overcrowded with a plethora of pop-ups, pop-unders, overlays ad boxes and whatever else advertisers can come up with. Ads such as these probably annoy most people, and if most people are anything like me, make me want to avoid the advertised company or product. Only time will tell if advertisers will advertise responsibly or just attempt a coup on your webpage with 600 advertisements all begging for your attention.

Steven Jones (user link) says:

Re: More Advertisers?

I would like to think that advertising on the Internet is still in its infancy. The popular varieties that Aaron mentions can certainly be improved to be better integrated into the Web experience. Surely, more creative forms will be appearing soon that are less obtrusive and more assistive. I am intrigued, if not somewhat impressed by Chitika and PointRoll

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