Google Leaves Their Wallet Exposed

from the pick-pocketed dept

If you want to avoid being pick pocketed, you shouldn’t leave your wallet exposed. Google, which has been rumored for some time to be offering some sort of payment system, apparently forgot to keep the system hidden, as a few resourceful folks dug deep enough to discover a (now offline) website for “Google Purchases.” It might not be a payment system, exactly, but it did ask users for their credit card info. While there had been some speculation that any such offering would just be for content, there’s a good chance it would be for much more. Of course, it’s disappointing that they ignored my suggestion to call it G-Money.

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Comments on “Google Leaves Their Wallet Exposed”

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jonny says:

Re: Maybe..

I kind of doubt that, really–think about the logistics of dealing with all of the different stores that Froogle indexes. It’s possible, of course, and there might be a way to keep it automated and thus avoid wasting countless man-hours trying to figure out how to interface it with a jillion different ‘shopping cart’ schemes–if anyone can do it, Google can–but I still doubt it; I’ll wager that it probably is set up for content, and especially with Google Print.

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