Amazon Director Saves Bookstore From Amazon

from the win-some-you-lose-some dept

theodp writes Billionaire Amazon Director John Doerr is listed among those who contributed $25,000 or more to reopen Kepler’s Books and Magazines in his hometown of Menlo Park, CA. Citing a loss of sales to the chains and, Kepler’s went out of business in August.” Of course, it’s a little silly to suggest one has to be against the other. For example, I shop at both Amazon and Kepler’s at times. They serve different purposes.

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Comments on “Amazon Director Saves Bookstore From Amazon”

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1 Comment
jdw242 says:

the little guy's say

once again, support the little guy. You’ll be happy they are around.

We can’t seem to all agree that a Wal-Mart supplanting every grocery, hardware store, tire lube express, etc. in everytown USA is a good thing.

Support the little businesses. They will invariably have something that the Big Dogs will not, and probably cannot sell/find. Not to mention that little shops have ‘fan’ workers; sort of like my local bicycle shops. Bike riders, arguably, aren’t great salesmen, but they can make the sale when the buyer knows squat about how to buy a quality bike.

examples duly noted…

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