Retail Photo Printer? Home Photo Printer? How About No Photo Printer?

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At the beginning of the year, buying out online photo sites was all the rage. Yahoo bought Flickr and HP bought Snapfish. With the online photo battles underway some were wondering if people would still have photos professionally printed or if they’d just print them at home. A new article suggests that people are having photos printed professionally rather than printing them at home… but there are some problems with this article. It’s correct in saying that the cost of ink for self-printing is ridiculously expensive, though the stats claiming that home photo printing (on a percentage basis) is down comes from an extremely biased tradegroup representing photo retail shops. However, the glaring missing point in this discussion is whether or not any printing still makes sense. With the rise of web storage in many cases people are realizing that they don’t need to print out photos at all. The web is their photo album. And, as we get more internet connected digital photo frames, digital photos can be used in even more places, as well. Obviously, photo prints aren’t going away overnight — and they are still great for many people, but it will be interesting to see if the younger generation still keeps printing photos as they get older.

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Comments on “Retail Photo Printer? Home Photo Printer? How About No Photo Printer?”

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photoria says:

Phot printing

Hi Mike,
Bottom line: if you want only 4×6 or 5×7 prints, don’t bother with home printing. Get them done at Costco or online. If you want larger sizes are are serious about photography, then a photo printer should be on your list.
Not all manufacturers are like Lexmark or HP, who overcharge for their inks while trying to prevent third party ink cartridges from working with their printers.
Canon is going in the right direction. Their printers, notably the Pixma line are some of the least expensive inkjets to operate. While the printers may not be the cheapest, the inks are reasonable and can be easily refilled.

Dan says:

Havn't you heard of Scrapbooking!

One of the only trends that is growing as fast as online photo storage is the old school art of scrap booking. The idea that printing hard copies of photos is a thing of the past smacks of the same philosophy coming from the folks who said by this time we’d all be reading our books from an e-book reader. Have you ever tried to snuggle up with your kids to show them photo’s online – not the best experience. But curling up with a photo album that someone they love has created to preserve their memories – Awesome!

Rick says:

Very little reason for me to print

I just had lunch with a friend and to share our “what I did on my summer vacation” pics, we just both brought our PowerBooks. Putting the pics on the web would often be fine, but sometimes I don’t want to bother with certain pics for everyone (for example, a mutual friend of only one of your friends), so custom narration and picking and choosing based on my friend’s questions and comments is sometimes a good way to go. Either way, I don’t need to print many pics at all.

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