The New Obsession With Online Mapping

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After the initial burst of online maps from Yahoo and Mapquest, it had seemed like the online map world had settled down, other than an occasional complaint that the maps or driving directions were wrong. That completely changed recently when online maps became “hot” again, as the existing companies started upgrading their mapping features and new entrants like Google and Amazon/A9 entered the space. Now, it seems like everyone is talking about online maps. Both Wired and CNET have stories about online mapping this morning. has a completely random and totally unscientific test comparing a single set of directions across a bunch of the sites (and then comparing it to how a single, randomly chosen, taxi driver would drive the same route). Meanwhile, Wired is running a short piece about how more readily available maps change the way people do things, whether it’s where to place new McDonald’s franchises to the latest map mashups that are suddenly becoming popular.

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Comments on “The New Obsession With Online Mapping”

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clouser says:

maps and "internet maps"

I love maps. Antique, digital, online. You name it. Do any of you care? Doubt it.

On a serious not, if you want to try a free internet mapping tool that enables you to generate “internet maps” of websites based on issues, try

Dr. Richard Rogers of the University of Amsterdam, and a friend from undergrad started it and the project was funded by Soros.

Rogers has written a couple of books on internet mapping and politics on the web. See Amazon UK.

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