China Decrees Only Happy, Socially Beneficial Text Messages Are Allowed As Well

from the sense-a-pattern? dept

Last week, we noted that China had come out with new official rules for online news sites, saying that they could only report on news that was socially beneficial. It appears they’re going beyond just news sites to personal communications as well, saying that mobile operators needs to start blocking socially “unhealthy” text messages. Apparently, these text messages have “polluted society and spread very bad influence.” Sense a pattern here?

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Comments on “China Decrees Only Happy, Socially Beneficial Text Messages Are Allowed As Well”

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Denis says:

Re: You mean we don't?

I believe the difference is in the definition of the “unhealthy” message. You’re talking about actual threats against ppls lives. They’re talking about (and I am speculating here) kissing, sex, freedom and democracy.

But I do agree that when you look at it closely TANSTAAFS (apologies to Heinlein)

Lakota says:


The only diffenernce in China is that they’re told they are being monitored. In the USA, we like to pretend that people can’t monitor everything we do……ever heard of the patriot act? Are we so ignorant to think that we are “free” from such oppression? What do you think the NSA and CIA do anyway? They monitor “threats” or what they think are threats to the “American Way of Life”

Bob says:


I for one would be interested to know what the crime rate is in China, per 100 persons, as compared to the U.S. and other developed countries.

Specifically, what the suicide and murder rate is. Robberies and other crimes would be interesting to know as well.

Such studies might give an indication if “forced happiness” social policies are actually effective.

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