Techies Looking For Work? Become An Expert Witness

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With all these tech patent lawsuits making the rounds these days, it’s not just the lawyers who are getting filthy rich. There’s lucrative work to be found as an expert witness, giving your opinion before a judge and jury — all paid for by one of the companies involved in the case. I know a few people who have turned being an “expert witness” into a very nice career. Of course, to get the job you actually do have to be an expert in something.

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Comments on “Techies Looking For Work? Become An Expert Witness”

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Purushottam says:

Techies Looking For Work? Become An Expert Witness

My name is Purushottam Joshi and recently I have completed my PhD thesis in Materials Science at University of Leeds.

I have a first class graduate degree in Ceramics Engineering from Gulbarga University in India. and work experince in BHEL-Ceramics, one of the leading Public sector undertaking in India

I have experience related to Glass and ceramics, structure, spectroscopy.

Pete Austin says:

Re: Purushottam Joshi

Purushottam Joshi seems genuine. Here he is on a page of Leeds University student details, including room numbers and telephone extensions. Guys, have you heard of identity theft? Three words of advice for anyone considering studying at the School of Computing at the University of Leeds: GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

whatisinthename says:

Re: Re: Purushottam Joshi

This poor guy made a harmless mistake. The way you are reacting to it shows your own insecurity. May be you are upset at not having a phD yourself. In case you did not know, Ceramics is a 3 Billion dollars international market. Now I am sure you have a lot of time so please start bitching about my response.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Purushottam Joshi

I don’t know about that.

Yes, ceramics is a serious industry and his PhD is also serious. But I don’t feel insecure in saying he’s a dumbass when even a cursory examination of the site shows this is not a recruitment center.

The mistake itself was harmless, but it was an indication of any or all of the following: a serious misunderstanding of the english language, a serious lack of common-sense and/or cognitive skills, or a total lack of care about the aim of this site for the purpose of getting his name and credentials out there.

Showing any of those qualities would likely disqualify him from the job he so clumsily seeks…hence the humorous factor and the response.

Seth Finkelstein (user link) says:

You have to be "Connected"

Like all big-money jobs, these just don’t fall into your lap. You have to be “connected” to the right people to be given those plums. It’s possible, but it’s not money in the street.

I’ve been an technical expert witness. Again, as in all jobs. there’s a very few people who get the big bucks, and many who work for free or nearly so.

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