Latest Sport: Hiding From Google

from the it's-too-late-for-most-of-us dept

Remember back in the days when people who were paranoid about being “watched” were worried about the government spying on them? That seems so last millennium. These days, apparently, the worries are all about being watched by companies… with Google receiving plenty of attention. Witness the latest infatuation: people who try to avoid Google’s index entirely. Of course, Wired News had to change their names to keep them out of the index. Obviously, you can understand why people don’t want private or personal info appearing on Google (or any other search engine), but to try to avoid being mentioned at all seems to be going a bit far — especially when it’s really something you have little to no control over. Of course, fears like this will keep services like DeleteNow, which we mentioned recently, in business. Even though they actually have no control over search engines or what people put online, the fear of being “found” by Google will probably make some people pay up in an attempt to get erased from various search engines.

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