CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment Day Two

Edgar Bronfman’s keynote this morning was fairly telling, not just in how the head of one of the biggest record labels sees the mobile space, but as a sign that this CTIA conference really isn’t about mobile, it’s a media conference. There are all the companies pushing mobile music, and the music industry trade press following them. Video games and all the publications and sites following them. But, for all the interest in mobile video, they don’t seem to be attracting the same level of attention — perhaps a sign that the hype outpaces real interest? While the carriers have talked a lot about content for a long time, much of their action has generally been around consumable content like ringtones and wallpapers. Things seem to have shifted a little bit now to reflect the changing priority — perhaps brought about by faster networks — to offer people better services. In terms of CTIA, there seems to be more emphasis on the actual content and content providers than on technology than at other similar shows I’ve been to lately. Hopefully people are starting to realize that a phone with a fast data connection isn’t that appealing to most people when there’s nothing too cool they can do with it.

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