Why You Shouldn't Let The Press Photograph Your Credit Cards

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Okay, while there’s still no proof that any of today’s cameraphones have been surreptitiously used to steal someone’s credit card number, there is some evidence that holding up your Red Cross issued debit card to a news photographer might not be the smartest idea. A Hurricane Katrina victim received just such a debit card from the Red Cross, and held it up to an AFP photographer — with the number clearly displayed. Apparently, soon after the photo was posted, the card’s balance had dropped to zero, and plenty of cash advances and other purchases were attempted. It’s not clear how quickly all of this happened. One report says minutes, another says eight hours, and doesn’t list out the same list of frauds attempted on the card. Either way, if you’re ever in that situation, perhaps you’re better off keeping the numbers on the card to yourself.

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Comments on “Why You Shouldn't Let The Press Photograph Your Credit Cards”

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Anonymous Coward says:

similarly, dog-tags ought to be kept hidden...

I made a similar statement regarding a cover-story in our local paper’s Life section about a Vietnam Vet. The cover photo was of him holding his dog-tag up with his SSN clearly visible. I wrote the reporter and asked that he advise the man to put fraud watches on his credit accounts, etc., because the story could very easily compromise his identity — it did, afterall, give his name, and being a local paper it wasn’t difficult to find his address, and with his SSN it would be all too easy to do any number of evil things. Poor sod never even suspected it.

James Moffitt (user link) says:

You have got to be kidding me

Are people REALLY that stupid?? I can not believe that someone would hold their debit card up for the world to see. LOL… Now what are they going to do for funds? I guess I have another question. How would someone do a POS transaction with the number on the card without a name, address, phone number etc?? That does not say very much for the vendors who are taking the money does it?

Anon says:

Re: Re: You have got to be kidding me

I don’t find it too disturbing. First, these charges are for purchases under $20. Second, credit cards and even many debit cards have fraud protection now. BTW, it’s Debit if you enter a PIN durring purchase, otherwise, it’s covered under credit card protections.

So, it’s more trustworthy than cash. Someone steals my wallet, I rather have 50 credit cards in there than 50 $20 bills.

The only ones really put at risk are those retailers. Once sold, and fraud found, they’re left with no merchandize nor any money. It’s not buyer beware, but seller beware.

ASK for ID says:

Re: Re: Re: A Good Idea

Many years ago, I stopped signing ALL of my Debit & Credit cards. I started writing in indelible ink ” Ask for ID “

This way, if my wallet is lost or stolen, a signature really isn’t an issue. My Driver’s license ( ID ) is needed to complete the transactions.

When merchants do not ask to see ID ( and I know they did not even glance @ the back of the card ) I promptly let the merchant know that this could have been a fraudulent transaction & that I am not liable.

BTW … this recently happended to me with a stolen Debit card used as credit with a fraudulent signature. The merchant is out the $$$, I am not.

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