eDonkey's Death Confused With A Move To New Jersey

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After the RIAA decided to pretend that the Supreme Court said stuff it didn’t really say and nastygram a bunch of file sharing services, it did appear like quite a few of the bigger name ones were at least trying to go RIAA-legit in some manner. Then, yesterday came a bunch of reports that two of the more popular file sharing offerings, WinMX and eDonkey, had shut down completely. Apparently, that news came as a surprise to eDonkey. As pointed out by GMSV, Thomas Mennecke was able to do what the Reuters reporter apparently failed to do, and asked the folks at eDonkey what was up. The result? eDonkey is alive and well in New Jersey. The confusion? Reuters thought they were located in a New York office they haven’t used in about a year. Of course, some might claim that leaving New York for New Jersey is a fate worse than death…

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Comments on “eDonkey's Death Confused With A Move To New Jersey”

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DGK12 says:

Re: Jersey fate worse than death???

I would like to point out that for Real Gross State Product (RGSP) New Jersey in 2004 was ranked #40 out of 50 states where New York was ranked #9 meaning it has that much more value to the United States than Mr. Jersey as it means to business. This may explain the authors comment.

If there is further doubt. The average value of property owned in New Jersey is $4,113.40 where New York is $4,305.07.

Face it, New York is the serious location for business. Persons assuming to throw facts around should not be so rude and bold with the faked knowledge he throws around.

Study and get your facts straight


Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Jersey fate worse than death???

The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Imagine navigating around the pot holes on the trash strewn streets of Elizabeth City. Or dodging derelicts between the burnt out buildings in that ghetto named Newark- with “Garden State” registration plates on your car.

That said, parts of western New Jersy are very nice.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

That reminds me, did Reuters ever corrected their bad story on Wikipedia?

In this case, the Reuters article reported that they can’t reach their NY
office and an “executive with a Boston number” wasn’t immediately avaiable
to comment.

Article also mentioned that they couldn’t reach WinMX and BearShare.

The Reuters headline on their website morphed that into
“P2P music sites closing doors in legal fallout”.

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