More Carriers Eye Laptop Lock-In

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A few months back, Sony started selling a laptop with the functionality to connect to Cingular’s EDGE network built in. We pointed out then that when people are already annoyed by the fact that their phones are generally locked to one carrier, they probably won’t want their laptop tied to one too. It now looks like carriers find the idea of laptop lock-in appealing, as now Dell will sell laptops with built-in connections for Verizon Wireless’ EV-DO network, while that carrier’s parent, Vodafone, is in talks with computer manufacturers to build in access for its 3G network to their machines. Our original objections still stand, and it’s still unclear how building in access to a single network from a single provider is really very useful at all, or preferable to using data cards. Again, maybe if the operators were subsidizing the laptops like they do handsets, this scheme might be slightly less bad. But why should users let themselves be locked in to one carrier for no real benefit? Update: Verizon Wireless has announced a similar deal with HP as well. Another Update: Lenovo makes it three for Verizon.

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Comments on “More Carriers Eye Laptop Lock-In”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

What still pisses me off is that all the carriers have so many completely separate networks. We’re doing triple/quadruple (however many carriers there actually are) the investment/effort going on yet there’s not a single carrier that doesn’t suck depending on where you are. If these fuckers had worked together to build a common network, your phone would work from anywhere, plus there wouldn’t be any need to fuck around with wifi or even have Comcast in your home. You’d have cellular broadband that you could pickup and move ANYWHERE with. Think about how great things would be if this had actually happened. (IE, the carriers pooled their resources and had truly complete coverage across the US…) I hate how companies get so overly excited about locking in their customer base that they end up hurting consumers and stifling technological advances…

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