Dell To Take A Crack At That Big Fad, The iPod, Again

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Dell’s DJ line of MP3 players has lived in the shadow of the iPod, despite their lower prices, for some time now. Dell plans to fire another salvo at Apple, updating the line with smaller models and including features like FM tuners and satellite radio, even though the iPod’s success would indicate those types of things aren’t at the tops of consumers’ lists when shopping for a music player. Mostly, though, it’s following Dell’s “copy everyone else” electronics strategy, with a special pink DJ and a Shuffle-a-like called the “Ditty”. Apparently Dell is going to advertise its 512MB Ditty as being able to hold double the number of songs as a 512MB iPod Shuffle — an easy feat when you base your calculations on a bit rate half the size of what Apple uses. In any case, this seems like an awful lot of fuss to try to compete with a product Dell’s CEO calls a fad.

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Comments on “Dell To Take A Crack At That Big Fad, The iPod, Again”

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1 Comment
Charlotte Web (user link) says:

Supported formats

Also, the Dell DJ doesn’t support the superior AAC compression that Apple uses in the iTunes Music Store. The Dell DJ line only supports MP3, WMA, and WAV. I’m surprised that there’s not even Ogg Vorbis support.
But 64 Kbit MP3’s being piped directly to your ears through the earbuds? Gah, that’s about as satisfying as listening to the clock radio on the desk in your office.

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