No, People Really Don't Like Junk Mail

from the take-me-off-your-list dept

Catching on to something most everybody else figured out a while back, the UK direct marketing industry has discovered consumers don’t like their work. Nearly half of those surveyed said they didn’t want to be contacted by marketers at all, with email now the preferred method of communication over direct mail, while 40% said they hang up on telemarketers right away. And although another study recently said a fifth of people were open to receiving ads on their mobile phone, a staggering 91% here objected to receiving SMS ads and other marketing on their phones. This shouldn’t much of a surprise to anybody — people don’t like spam, whether it’s text messages, email, telemarketing calls or junk mail. The typical direct-marketing MO of blindly hitting as many people as possible with a message isn’t just annoying, it’s no longer even very effective.

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