Ethical Concerns Holding Back Location-Based Services

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Forgive us for thinking it was technological problems or carriers’ desire to control the food chain that was holding back location-based services. Apparently, the real reason is “ethical concerns”, according to a British academic. It’s odd, because carriers don’t seem to have any problem using LBS to play on parental fears to make some money, and they’ve got no qualms disclosing employees’ locations to their bosses. So, instead of throwing things open to developers and letting them come up with some compelling and useful location-based applications, the operators’ demands to control everything results in overpriced, underwhelming services.

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Comments on “Ethical Concerns Holding Back Location-Based Services”

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Pete Austin says:

They are worried about Stalkers and Abusers

“People are paranoid that computers that know where you are can turn against you,” Rabinowitz said. Social obstacles to location-aware computers mainly surround privacy issues where people are concerned their movements will be tracked by Big Brother. It also is possible that location services could be used by stalkers and child abductors – PC World. Also they could help abusive parents.

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