Can We Now Start Some Rumors About Google's Plans For An Interplanetary Network?

from the is-there-anyone-they-won't-hire? dept

Through the ups and downs of the internet boom and bust, many people wondered why Vint Cerf remained at MCI, hacking away at his idea for the interplanetary internet (among, of course, many other things). Of course, with MCI about to disappear into the acquisitive hands of Verizon, it’s probably not a bad time to jump ship. And, if you’re going to jump ship, why not jump ship to the place that everyone else seems to be jumping ship to? So, fresh off his stint guest blogging for Jeff Pulver, Vint Cerf is now officially employed by Google. Somehow, I would think this one will be a little less contentious than their last big hire. Somehow, I don’t see Michael Capellas throwing a chair, swearing, and threatening to kill Google.

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