Mobile Music Downloads DOA?

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There’s lots of interest in mobile music today, given the launch of the iTunes phone from Apple and Motorola. Right on cue: the backlash, with some people wondering just how much money carriers will actually make from mobile music. The problem? Too many fingers in the pie. To pay out all the different stakeholders, and then satisfy their own desires, mobile operators will have to jack prices up — but then, why would anybody buy from their store instead of just syncing from a computer? Just like greed’s popped the ringtone bubble, it looks like a poorly thought out revenue-grab will stymie mobile music downloads too.

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Comments on “Mobile Music Downloads DOA?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

i can get songs on my phone too ! have been able to since the day i got it – for free. Its called a USB cable and some MP3 files. Why on earth would i (or anyone else) ever want to pay to hear songs i already own through a dodgy mono speaker when, with minimal effort, i can achieve this for free if i really want to ?!

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