Symbian Says Slow Down On The Mobile Virus FUD

Mobile OS provider’s sent a pretty thinly veiled message to the anti-virus firms — well, just the one firm, really — that keep pitching mobile virus FUD to an ignorant, hungry media. It’s been clear for quite some time that the real risk of mobile virus isn’t anywhere near the level AV companies would like you to believe, and the Symbian exec interviewed reiterates the point that it takes a suspension of common sense to actually get infected. While pumping up the hype is good for the anti-virus company’s business, Symbian’s got a lot to lose if it becomes synonymous with mobile viruses like Windows has with PC ones. It looks now like the company’s had enough of the hype — but undoubtedly this story won’t get the same attention of a wild (and wildly improbable) claim that your car might be susceptible to a virus, or other FUD stories the AV company in question has started.

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