The Most Valuable Thing You Carry Around May Not Be Your Wallet

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The average American adult has over $1,100 in digital content on their computer, portable devices, phone and DVR, a new study says, while Gen Y carries around content worth double that. The survey, sponsored by a hard-drive maker, also points out people want more storage, perhaps so they’ll never have to erase anything. How they arrived at a value for the content people have is a little murky, though I guess it’s not impossible to think teenagers have bought 2200 songs from iTunes. But when does all this become too much to handle, and digital content just becomes digital clutter?

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Comments on “The Most Valuable Thing You Carry Around May Not Be Your Wallet”

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DGK12 says:

Big Mess

With many books coming with CDs containing a digital version, its not hard to see that things can become a bit messy. Copying books and music and movies, uploading digital pictures and scans, text scans and possibly personal recordings or content created on the computer. I have every one of the above. You add that to a mess of software and games (free or paid), music videos and probably television shows. I’m sure many more can be added to this list.

What’s not messy about organising all of that?

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