Taiwan Looking To Make WiMax That Much Less Valuable

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Taiwan, which has been on the leading edge of getting WiFi and cellular networks setup across the island said recently that they were now looking to move on to WiMax. This isn’t that surprising (though, WiMax technology is still a ways away and when it comes it will only be fixed, not mobile). However, their latest plan is to issue spectrum licenses on the condition that the WiMax isn’t used for VoIP. That’s like saying we’ll give you an internet connection, but you can’t use it for email. Basically, the providers won’t be able to sell phone numbers and phone service themselves, but it’s hard to see how they’re going to stop users from setting up and using VoIP themselves. After all, voice is just data, and it won’t take long for people to figure out how to hide it from their service provider. Either way, this prohibition is just silly. It’s clearly designed to protect the incumbent telephone business, but it’s doing so in a way that (1) won’t work and (2) immediately makes the licenses that much less valuable.

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Comments on “Taiwan Looking To Make WiMax That Much Less Valuable”

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Nicky says:

No Subject Given

Sorry, but I don’t think I can agree to the points you made.

Wimax is not only about voip and your analogy of the internet and email service is incorrect, I believe. The little island has capital invested on the current cellular network and must amortize is and use it to the extent of its value and until it depreciates.
Wimax, eventually, will take over Taiwan and calls will be much cheaper in the future. However, to prevent it from happening, is actually a good idea by fully spending resources to their full extent.

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