Podcasting Hype May Eat The Internet

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Each day, it seems, podcasting hype reaches a new level. Podcasting is a great form of expression for those who want to use it — and it’s wonderful that it’s now easier for people to express themselves audibly for the world to hear (and it’s easier for the world to hear them). However, the level of hype surrounding it has gone beyond any standard of reality. We’re still trying to figure out how a podcasting startup could possibly need as much money as is being thrown around these days, but that’s nothing compared to this article that claims “Podcasting may become as big as Internet.” Podcasting is something that can be done on the internet or thanks to the internet. It’s hard to see how it becomes “as big as” the internet when it’s a subset (and, a fairly small one, at that). Podcasting may turn out to be the next great medium for self-expression, or it may turn into nothing more than a niche area — but, the level of hype surrounding podcasting is reaching scary heights.

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Comments on “Podcasting Hype May Eat The Internet”

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Josh H says:

Won't last

As I see it, pocasting basically “defers” what would ordinarily be a radio-broadcast-like transmittal. Once ipods and other mp3 devices have radio tuners (some do now, of course), and eventually satellite radio tuners, i can’t see how podcasts will be that big.

I, for one, wouldn’t see a need to download talk shows when 100s of radio programs are broadcasting directly to the device.

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