Is That A Certified Preowned Rolex, Or Just A Cheap Knockoff?

from the genuinely-bought-in-a-back-alley dept

One of the issues with buying used goods online is you really have very little way to know the real quality of the product you’re buying. Escrow services help to make sure the product is real, but can’t necessarily judge the quality (or legitimacy) of a product. That, not surprisingly, is a big concern for luxury brands who often have to deal with people selling knockoffs and counterfeits. So, it appears that luxury brands are taking a page from car-makers and are starting to create “certified, pre-owned” systems for online auctions that will (they hope) make people feel more comfortable buying the used item they’re looking at. It’s a solution that makes sense for everyone — giving brands an avenue to push legitimate used products, while helping buyers feel more comfortable that what they’re buying is legitimate.

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Comments on “Is That A Certified Preowned Rolex, Or Just A Cheap Knockoff?”

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VonSkippy says:

Who wears a watch any more?

Slightly off topic, but who wears a watch anymore? My Treo650 is my cell phone, my pda, and my watch – all in one device. I stopped wearing (and missing) a watch years ago.

As for a watch being a fashion statement – to me it says “look at me – I’m a ludite, I still wear a watch”.

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