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Google Stops Scanning For A Bit

from the working-out-the-details dept

Google has been under pressure for a bit from publishers who are pissed off at Google’s Library project. While Google worked out deals with a number of publishers to scan books for its “Google Print” project, the similar Google Library project just dealt directly with libraries — bypassing the publishers. While Google had been pushing ahead, it seems that the publishers were getting angry enough that Google has decided to pause the project for a bit, while they come up with a way to appease the angry publishers. It looks like the plan is to come up with a way to link the Google Library and Google Print projects closer together, while giving publishers a way to opt-out of having any of their books scanned from the library project. Some publishers will likely take them up on this, though, it probably will result it fewer people being interested in those books. Of course, publishers still aren’t happy — saying that they don’t like having to “opt-out” of the system. Once again, the question comes back to the uneasy balance that publishers have with libraries, and the question of what rights those libraries have in making it easier to share the knowledge in those books.

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Comments on “Google Stops Scanning For A Bit”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Opt Out

Thats all Google really needs to provide, a reliable way to opt out. Its worked to settle conserns regarding their caching of pages and it should work for this.
We are a small publisher and even though there is a fairly huge margin on books, we’re not driving Porsches.
The problem is, anyone who scans the book in and makes it openly available even in 1 or 2 page formats, is simply breaking the Author/Publisher copywright.
The library argument doesn’t really add up either. Libraries pay for their copies. Also those copies can be checked out one at a time.

G says:

Re: Re: Opt Out

Oh yeah, it’s not breaking the copyright, it’s called fair use. 1-2 pages out of a number should generate more interest for your book, not less.

Im sure there are people who dont know your book exists, that do now that they’ve read 1-2 pages of it from a search.

Does this really not benefit you at all?

Really, I’d be interested in hearing if it doesnt, because it seems like it’s advertising to me.

dblanchard says:

Re: Re: Opt Out

while robots.txt can be used to prevent crawlers from accessing your site, and password protection will keep your digital secrets safe on the ‘Net, this program is aimed at digitizing (scanning) pages of books and converting the images to text using OCR, which is then indexed. Robots.txt files have no influence over me, or Google, cutting the binding off a book and putting it the sheetfeeder of my scanner.
I’m not saying they should cease their operation, I think they do offer a great value to readers and publishers both. Get the details here [Google].

thatguy says:

Re: Re: Re: Opt Out

Why don’t they simply NOT publish books on google that are less than 10 or 15 years old? If it’s over 10 years old, the book is free knowledge for all. In fact, why isn’t it like this for ALL media/art.

I find it ridiculous that artists, musicians, writers, etc can earn a steady income off of something they accomplished 30 years ago.

Not only would this idea eventually create much much more content for everyone, but the creators would be forced to continue working in order to make money and live. And if they only get lucky with one book, song, picture, etc, well then I guess it’s time for a 9-5 job like the rest of us!

Knowledge and Art should be as accessible to the entire world as Oxygen is.

RBasil says:

Re: Just look at this

This is just stupid. If its on the net, and is publically viewable, why can’t google index it? Thats like talking down the street nude and getting mad at people who are looking at you. But there is a way to solve that, dont go walking nude. In the publishers case, dont let your books be viewable.

Read the article again. What part of scanning copies of books from the library do you NOT understand?

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