Qualcomm To Buy Flarion

from the if-you-can't-beat-em-buy-em dept

CDMA behemoth Qualcomm says it is buying Flash-OFDM developer Flarion for $600 million. Flarion’s been racking up deals lately, including a win for its technology for a national 450 MHz license in Finland, but this deal’s probably got more to do with future generations of technology rather than current products. There’s been a suggestion of a divide growing between the CDMA and OFDM camps, but the political division is much greater than the technological one, as it’s OFDM that’s been getting all the attention in 4G tests from the likes of DoCoMo and Siemens. Buying Flarion points to Qualcomm’s desire to integrate OFDM into CDMA2000 in some fashion as the basis for its next generation of technology.

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