Microsoft Scrapes Evidence Out Of The Recycle Bin In Employment Battle

from the why-it's-called-the-recycle-bin dept

The ongoing saga concerning Microsoft and Google battling over Google’s recent hiring of a former top Microsoft researcher has received too much attention already. However, it is amusing to find out that some of Microsoft’s evidence in the case was pulled out of Dr. Lee’s “recycle bin” on one of his Microsoft computers. Now you know why (other than legal issues involving Apple) Microsoft calls it the “recycle bin” rather than the “trash can.” Still, you would think that someone like Dr. Lee would know (1) not to put documents concerning a job offer from a competing company on his work computer and (2) that just putting them in the recycle bin doesn’t actually delete them (not even close). Apparently not, however.

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Comments on “Microsoft Scrapes Evidence Out Of The Recycle Bin In Employment Battle”

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J Wynia (user link) says:

Happens All The Time

I know of several people who just this week are going through the email stored on the Exchange server after people were fired or quit unexpectedly and started a competing company, etc. The amount of stuff that you’d think would be obvious is startling. They’re amazed at how many people look for a new job using their company email. And, the amount of collateral information: people having affairs with other employees, arranging travel for job searches via that email, etc. is just astounding.

Paul says:

Re: Re: Happens All The Time

never let personal email touch an employer’s servers!

I have my own domain, and the provider’s email server ( offers imap, secure imap, pop3, secure pop3, and secure webmail.

I thus have thunderbird mail client account for personal email, allowing me to access the mail account but the mail never gets copied to work computer. At home, I can then move the mail to my home computer.

It means I can access my email very conveniently and very easily, including using my PDA, with a high degree of security!

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