Every Adult In Scotland Given Money To Take Computer Classes

from the learn-learn-learn dept

Apparently, Scottish officials believe that adults there are a bit too computer illiterate, so they’re offering £100 to any adult who wants to take a basic computer training class. It’s not clear how far that money will go (and, the fact that everyone gets it may simply drive up the cost of some classes), but it’s an interesting way of pushing computer literacy on adults who may have avoided computers before.

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Comments on “Every Adult In Scotland Given Money To Take Computer Classes”

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z0idberg says:

Re: No Subject Given

easy. find a short/basic computer course that costs less that ?100 and pocket the change!
if there arent any then maybe you should start one up. charge ?50 per person for a short course. Anyone who joins makes ?50 and so do you!
Actually, forget I mentioned it. I am moving to scotland now to make my fortune!

Ivan Sick says:

Re: Re: z0idberg

Are these subsidized classes, or are people getting paid to attend a class? I read this as the latter. Regardless, I wish they’d do this here…but yes, Microsoft’s market dominance does prevent this from being a good idea. (Not because I hate MS but because it’s bad for people to think one product is the only product. For instance, AOL + The Internet.)

Pete Austin says:

This Training is Urgently Needed

…because the organisation running the scheme doesn’t seem to have got the hang of this new-fangled Internet yet.

You can’t register by Web: “To apply for an account with ILA Scotland, simply call our advisers free on 0808 100 1090 to request an Application Pack. Complete the application form and get it back to us as soon as you can in the pre-paid envelope that will be supplied in the pack.”

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