Announcement of 10th Planet Hastened By Hacker

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As previously reported, CalTech astronomers announced the discovery of a 10th planet this week. The planet is yet to be named and even its exact size is still unknown. It’s all very exciting but it was strange that the announcement seemed a touch hasty, especially since the planet was detected back in January (from pictures taken in 2003, no less). It’s normal for astronomers to wait to announce a discovery until the full details have been locked down. So, why the hasty announcement this time? Well, it could be that a hacker had infiltrated the astronomers’ secured site and threatened to leak the discovery — thereby forcing the astronomers to make two big announcements last week. So, kudos to the astronomers for the discovery, but maybe they should look into some better security measures.

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Comments on “Announcement of 10th Planet Hastened By Hacker”

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dorpus says:

Re: Re: Re: Yeah but what about women's shelters

I just read news about an alien planet called Sharon Stone, which had major solar flare activity and extensive scarring. Alien creatures have an addiction to tanning salons, but it has its risks. The alien is said to have jumped out of the tanning salon screaming.

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