No, Your Car Still Can't Get A Virus

from the a-gremlin-in-my-Gremlin dept

We’d thought that one of our favorite pieces of virus FUD, the “my car caught a Bluetooth virus” story, had been well and truly put to bed when an anti-virus company couldn’t infect a Bluetooth system. After all, if anybody benefits from virus and security hype, it’s an anti-virus company. But apparently it’s a slow news day for Reuters, who’s resurrected the story for a little Friday FUD fun, glossing over the fact that it’s nigh-on impossible to infect a car with a virus over Bluetooth. But the bottom line of all this hype is clear: “As carmakers turn to computer security, a lucrative market could open for antivirus firms, which have been touting cell phone security for years without notable success.” So when the head of an anti-virus company talks up this imagined risk, he’s not exactly unbiased, is he?

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Comments on “No, Your Car Still Can't Get A Virus”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Read the f-secure article on the bluetooth tests against the Prius. The researchers found that a corrupt phone name would freeze the display. Do you want to claim that their research is definitive, and guarantees the security of all bluetooth-enabled cars now and in the future? The tone of the f-secure article also surprised me. They thought that the “impossible” had happened, but it was just a low battery. Give me a break!
Call it FUD, but you’re just praying for time.

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