Telus Keeps On Blocking — As Legal Questions Start Rising

from the ooops dept

Earlier this week, we wrote about how Telus was blocking their ISP subscribers from reaching a certain website that was presenting the side of union members in a labor struggle against Telus. We noted that this plan was backfiring because it was only giving that content that much more attention (and people were just using proxies to get to it anyway). Well, now it turns out it wasn’t just one website but multiple websites. On top of that, Telus continues to defend the blocking, by saying that the websites are being used to “plot a massive denial-of-voice-service attack against its operations.” If true, then why isn’t Telus talking to authorities about stopping those who are plotting the attack, rather than lamely, unilaterally, deciding which websites its own customers can’t see? On top of all that, people are beginning to realize that Telus is probably breaking a few laws by blocking certain websites for its customers. It still is amazing that they think this is a good strategy. Honestly, how many more people now know about these sites and are upset at Telus because of it?

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